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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does walk registration take place each morning?

Change to previous years! Please read this bit!!!!!

All walks commence with registration at the "Lunchbox" cafe on the High Street opposite Pieces for Places, LL42 1EE

Can I share a lift to the start of a walk if I have no car?

There should always be room in another vehicle and a contribution towards petrol and parking expenses would be appreciated by the driver. Please make a note on your booking form.

Is it possible to meet at the start point of the walk?

Yes, providing you have made prior arrangement with the festival organisers, received and acknowledged the health & safety disclaimer.

When do bookings open?

The booking window will open in 1st July. The programme will be published on 31st May. All bookings will be online to minimise paperwork and to manage the process easily.

Can I bring the dog?

The countryside is a great place to exercise dogs, but it’s every owner’s duty to make sure their dog is not a danger or nuisance to farm animals, wildlife or other people. You must control your dog so that it does not disturb or scare farm animals or wildlife. So yes but it should be able to cope with stiles. Please check with the organisers if a specific walk is suitable.

How do I contact the organisers?

  • By post: Barmouth Walking Festival c/o 2 Blueberry Drive, Mickleover, Derby, DE3 0HL.

  • By telephone: 07581 700877 (talk to Stephen)

  • By email:


How do I get there?

By Road: As an example, it will take about 2.5 hours from Birmingham or Manchester. The town is on the A496 which links to the A470 (north/south traffic) and A458 (east/west traffic).

By Public Transport: The Cambrian Coast line, operated by Arriva Trains links via Shrewsbury to the northwest and via Birmingham to London, the south and east. The bus and train stations are diagonally opposite the Dragon Theatre on Jubilee Road.

Social Events

There is a talk with Fish and Chip Supper on the Tuesday. There will also be a slideshow and Curry Evening on the Thursday. The team is looking at options for some of the other evenings.


What about parking?

Barmouth has several private ‘all day for a set fee’ car parks and council run, long and short stay (pay and display) car parks. The main (long stay) car park is on the beach side of the railway lines. At the time of writing the roadside next to the fairground (Marine Parade) is unregulated, free parking and there will often be spaces here in the early morning. High Street parking is free for one hour. Ensure that you will not need your vehicle to reach the walk start point before paying for any parking.


What about the children?

Children under the age of 16 years old are welcome on all easy and moderate walks when accompanied by their parent or guardian. Young people 16 years old and over are welcome on all walks.


How is the event managed? - This section is being updated for the new website

The event has been developed in conjunction with expert advice to ensure a safe, interesting and variable programme for your enjoyment. Risk assessments have been carried out to reduce the potential for accidents, though common sense plays a large part in outdoor pursuits of any kind. Participants are therefore requested to take every precaution and be aware of the needs of fellow walkers. Walk Leaders have been chosen for their local knowledge and experience; most are experienced local enthusiasts. They are fully conversant with the needs of walkers at all levels of ability. Local historians and naturalists lead some walks.

What are the safety considerations? - This section is being updated for the new website.

You need to choose walks within your capabilities; the walk leaders are experienced, but must take your word that you are sufficiently fit for the grade of walk you have chosen. It is important that you carry adequate and appropriate clothing, that your footwear is robust and suited to the various weather conditions and terrain you may encounter. It is strongly advised that walking boots or stout walking shoes are worn for all walks, regardless of the grade. We reserve the right to turn walkers away if they are not adequately equipped or shod. A packed lunch should be carried and at least a litre of drinking water.

Before departure the leader or other designated person will explain the walk and advise any particularly difficult stages. You should make known to the leader any medical conditions or special circumstances which may affect your ability to complete the course. If extreme weather conditions prevail the walk may be amended or curtailed at the leaders’ discretion. As with all outdoor pursuits it is important that you check that your accident and medical insurance policies give adequate cover. You take part in this event at your own risk.

‘Barmouth Walking Festival’ recognises that walking in mountainous areas is an activity with a danger of personal injury. Participants in this activity should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

Participants or their guardians take responsibility for ensuring:

  • That the activity offered suits their needs, expectations and capabilities

  • That participants’ actions conform to any safety guidance given during the initial briefing or by the leader during the walk.

  • That any distress or concern during, or resulting from, the activity is drawn to the immediate attention of the leader in charge.

  • That they are aware of the recognised risks and hazards associated with the activity and prepared to accept them.

  • That the equipment and clothing used is suitable for the activity and worn as directed.

  • That due regard is given to care of the environment and other users, and that the relevant Code of Conduct is adhered to.


What is the right walk for me?

If in doubt, take medical advice before booking. We can offer walks at all the listed grades. All walks have been graded to give you guidance, they have been calculated on an average walking speed of 1 to 2mph and take account of the gradients involved, the terrain to be encountered as well as normal weather conditions. The grades are:

  • A ++ : Extremely Hard – For Experienced Walkers Only – For those requiring a challenge of physical fitness and stamina rather than a sightseeing expedition

  • A : Hard – a walk that will have a number of areas that can place a demand on the physical and mental capability of the walker. There are a number of ascents/descents during the walk, the route at times will require careful navigation and foot placement. Steep ascents and descents, wet ground and distance contribute to the designation “A” Note that a designation of “A+” has been used for even more challenging walks.

  • B : Moderate – a walk that will include one or two physically or mentally demanding stretches. There may be a number of ascents and descents which could be considered challenging again B+ may be a little more challenging

  • C : Easy – a walk that can be completed without undue stress or physical strain. Normally low level walks with easy escape routes to a village or town. A walk may be designated as ‘Easy’ though it could be demanding due to the distance and time taken to complete. Please note that most walks take place in the surrounding hills and involve some ascents, our beautiful town is surrounded by hills!


What will it cost?

Each walk costs £5. There is also a £30 'Season Ticket' which gives one named individual entry to one walk for each of the 10 days. This only applies if spaces are avaiable on those walks at the time of booking.

Payment for walks is integrated into the online booking process.



Where can I stay?

Barmouth offers a full range of accommodation from the simplest B&B to larger hotels, or caravan and camping parks. Look out for the Walkers Welcome symbol, indicating drying rooms and other useful facilities. Ask about breakfast times if your walks have early starts.

Details of accommodation are available from the Barmouth Publicity Association website

There are some Independent Hostels in the Barmouth area.

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